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Mentoring Into Corporate

The Department of Industrial Management at the University of Kelaniya holds a distinguished position in terms of introducing innovative academic initiatives to Sri Lankan tertiary education. The department has introduced an industrial mentoring program - Mentoring Into Corporate (MIC), which is executed in collaboration with industry partners to enhance the soft skills and industry exposure of the undergraduates
The industrial mentoring program seeks to refine the undergraduates' competencies and comprehension of prevailing industry trends and expectations, fostering an adept transition into professional spheres. The department also believes that MIC can improve students’ confidence by acquainting them with the corporate sector while offering mentorship guidance.
Core Values

The program entails the mentorship of small groups of students who will be guided by experienced corporate professionals throughout the program. The industrial mentors guide them to make smart choices, listen to any areas that need to be clarified or any inconveniences of the mentees, and push them to the correct path. MIC aims to ensure that undergraduates are ready to become professionals as the undergraduates can get a firsthand view of the corporate environment along with the expertise of the mentor.
Core Objectives
If you are interested in serving as an industrial mentor, we kindly request that you reach out to to the program coordinator, Dr. Thilini Mahanama (thilinim@kln.ac.lk), or complete the enclosed Google Form: Industrial Mentor Registration Form

Last Update on 31-03-2022

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