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Revised course structure and curriculum for B.Sc. Honours in Information Technology Degree Programme, Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Science

The Government of Sri Lanka has targeted average economic growth of at least 8% over the next 8 to 10 years. One of the sectors that could easily contribute towards this ambitious growth plan is the local IT industry. The EDB Sri Lanka, in its strategic plan 2011-2015, has classified ICT as a large export sector with high potential of growth and expects US$ 1000 Million by year 2015. However, the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) through its "National ICT workforce surveys" has found that lack of ICT workforce hinder the growth of the sector. An immediate corrective action is required to increase the skilled ICT workforce to the predicted level to achieve the desired targets. Therefore, as a national university that has been in the forefront of developing and offering courses in information and communication technology, in Sri Lanka, the time is now opportune for us to enhance our current offering by providing the students to major in the information technology area.

Information Technology (IT)- programme Contents

Course Code Type Course Title Credits
DELT 11232 c English for Professionals 2
GNCT 11212 c Personal Progress Development I 2
INTE 11213 c Fundamentals of Computing 3
INTE 11223 c Programming Concepts 3
MGTE 11233 c Business Statistics and Economics 3
MGTE 11243 c Principles of Management & Organizational Behaviour 3
PMAT 11212 c Discrete Mathematics for Computing I 2
MGTE 12253 c Accounting Concepts and Costing 3
INTE 12243 c Computer Networks 3
INTE 12213 c Object Oriented Programming 3
INTE 12223 c Database Design and Development 3
MGTE 12263 c Optimization Methods in Management Science 3
MGTE 12273 c Industry and Technology 3
PMAT 12212 c Discrete Mathematics for Computing II 2
Course Code Type Course Title Credits
INTE 21213 c Information Systems Modelling 3
INTE 21313 c Business Information Systems 3
INTE 21323 c Web Applications Development 3
INTE 21333 c Event Driven Programming 3
INTE 22293 c Software Architecture and Process Models 3
INTE 22343 c Data Structures and Algorithms 3
INTE 22253 c Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing 3
INTE 22263 c Embedded Systems Development 3
INTE 22303 c Artificial Intelligence 3
INTE 22313 c Software Design Patterns and Frameworks 3
INTE 22283 c Mobile Applications Development 3
GNCT 24212 c Personal Progress Development II 2
Course Code Type Course Title Credits
INTE 31233 c Human Computer Interaction 3
INTE 31393 c Information Security 3
INTE 31356 c Software Development Project 6
MGTE 31373 c Project Management 3
INTE 31283 o Big Data and Data Warehousing 3
INTE 31373 o Machine Learning 3
INTE 31403 o System Administration and Maintenance 3
MGTE 31383 o Research Methods 3
PMAT 31212 o Mathematics for Computing - 3 2
GNCT 32216 c Internship 6
Course Code Type Course Title Credits
INTE 43216 c Research Project 6
MGTE 41313 c Statistical Data Modeling 3
MGTE 41323 c Professional Practices 3
INTE 41393 c System Integration Technologies 3
INTE 41323 o Neural Networks and Deep Learning 3
INTE 41373 o Image Processing 3
INTE 41383 o Industrial Automation 3
INTE 41403 o Advanced Databases 3
MGTE 42303 c Business and Information Technology Law 3
INTE 42353 o Semantic Web and Ontological Engineering 3
INTE 42333 o Complex Systems and Agent Based Modelling 3
INTE 42343 o Natural Language Processing 3

Application Procedure

Students who wish to gain admission to B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology degree programme should apply to the University Grants Commission for admission to Universities in Sri Lanka and are required to pass the aptitude test conducted by the Department of Industrial Management. 

Selection Procedure

Aptitude test.

For more information, please contact:
Department of Industrial Management,
University of Kelaniya. 

Telephone 011 2903282 up to 5
Fax 011 2903281
E-mail im@kln.ac.lk

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