Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology

To whom?

This programme is designed for graduates desiring to enhance their competencies when pursuing a career in information technology and for those graduates in other functional areas desiring to use information technology to enhance their ability to provide effective and efficient solutions to their stakeholders.

Duration: One Year (Classes on Saturdays only)


Aim of the Programme

Enhancing the capacity of graduates and holders of professional qualifications for their career progression in the field of Information Technology.


Objectives of the programme

Introducing the fundamental concepts of information and communication technology for graduates from diverse fields of study to successfully pursue an ICT career. Exposing graduates to the trends, opportunities and emerging technologies in the field of information and communication technology. Equipping the graduates with ICT and other necessary soft skills to be better employable in the industry.


Structure of the programme

The PGD in IT is designed in such a way that a candidate completes the programme in one year, during which time a candidate is required to earn a total of twenty-five credits. A credit is earned through 15 hours of high level theoretical engagement, practical sessions and guided independent study. The content of the programme is as follows.


Programme contents

Range of Marks Type Course Title Credits
MGTE 11213 c Statistics 3
MGTE 11222 c Principles of Management 2
MGTE 11232 c Industry & Technology 2
MGTE 12212 c Economics 2
MGTE 12222 c Optimization Methods in Management Science I 2
INTE 11213 c Fundamentals of Computing 3
INTE 11223 c Programming Concepts 3
INTE 12213 c  Object Oriented Programming 3
INTE 12223 c  Database Design and Development 3
GNCT 13212a c Personal Progress Development I 2
PMAT 11212 c Discrete Mathematics for Computing I 2
PMAT 12212 c Discrete Mathematics for Computing II 2
DELT 11232 c  English for Professionals 2
DELT 12312 c Communication Skills for Professionals 2
    Total Credits 25

The detailed curriculum can be found here.

Teaching and Evaluation

The candidates will get the opportunity to attend lectures conducted by qualified and competent academics and practitioners which include substantial hands-on activities, guided self-study activities, and group activities. The programme includes a workshop for the candidates to enhance their soft skills.

The evaluation criteria for each module is available in the detailed curriculum. The criteria for final grading could be found here.

Commencement: January 2019

Application Deadline: 15th November 2018

Application procedure can be found here.

The programme brochure could be found here.

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Contact: Dr. Chathura Rajapakse, the postgraduate coordinator of the Department of Industrial Management, Faculty of Science.

Tel: 0112 914482 Ext. 103

Mobile: 0713 102034

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