Research Degrees

Research programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and/or Master of Philosophy

These programmes are available for practising managers as well as academics who are engaged in professional work in the fields of Management and/or Information Technology. The well experienced and highly qualified academic staff of the Department of Industrial Management is capable of offering guidance and supervision in the related areas of specialisation. Aspiring candidates are invited to contact suitable staff member/s for personal discussion and identification of a research topic prior to making formal application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Research areas of individual staff members are indicated under Research and Publications in the Department web site.


Regulations for Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Medicine (D.M) Degrees

1.1 Candidature for a degree of M.Phil./ Ph.D./D.M. must be approved by the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) before registration.
1.2 Research leading to the M.Phil./ Ph.D./D.M Degree shall be carried out
1.2.1 at the university of Kelaniya
1.2.2 at any other institution/s or laboratory approved by the senate on the recommendation of the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
1.2.3 partly at the University of Kelaniya and partly at any other intuition/s approved by the Senate on the recommendation of the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
1.3 The period of study from the date of first registration shall be
(a) M.Phil.-a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years
(b) Ph.D.- a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years
(c) D.M. a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years Extension beyond the maximum periods of study may be granted under special circumstances on the recommendation of the relevant Board of study.
1.4 A candidate may undertake paid part-time duties at the University of Kelaniya with the approval of the supervisor/s and the Head of the Department provided that such duties do not exceed six hours per week.


2.1 Qualifications
(a) M.Phil.
B.Sc. (Special) degree in the relevant subject or B.Sc.(General)degree with relevant subject with First or Second Class Honours and a pass in the qualifying examination as specified by the relevant Department or Equivalent academic or professional qualifications acceptable to the University or M.Sc. in the relevant field
(b) Ph.D.
B.Sc. (Special) degree with relevant subject with First or Second class (Upper Division) honours or M.Sc./M.Phil. degree in the relevant field.
Transfer from the registered Degree programme
A candidate registered for the M.Phil. Degree may submit a request to transfer his/her registration for the Ph.D. degree through the supervisor/s and relevant Head of Department to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies during the second year of registration provided that he/she fulfils the eligibility criteria for admission for the Ph.D. degree. Such approval, will only be given on the recommendation of the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies after the candidate’s progress has been assessed by a committee consisting of the Head of the Department, supervisor/s and two other senior academics one of whom may preferably be from another university appointed by the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In this event of the candidature being upgraded from an M.Phil. to a Ph.D., the work already done by the candidate would be deemed to have been done for the Ph.D. degree.
Application Procedure
A candidate seeking approval of his/her candidature for M.Phil. / Ph.D. / D.M. should submit a completed application form (obtainable from office of the Faculty of Graduate Studies) through the relevant Head of the Department and the relevant board of Study. The application form should contain the following information:

(a) The field of research and a brief synopsis and a budget if applicable, approved by the prospective supervisor who should indicate in writing his contest to supervise the candidate.

(b) The evidence for source of financial support for research (e.g.: grant or self financing) where applicable.
(c)(c) The supervisor should be a permanent teacher of the university of the rank of a senior lecturer or above having academic qualifications equal to or higher than the Degree to which the registration is sought.(However, one or more co-supervisors from the University or from an outside institutions may be appointed if the Board of Study considers it necessary)
(d) Under special circumstances the Board of the Faculty of Graduate Studies may consider a person of eminence in his/her field of study as a supervisor who does not fulfil the criteria given in(c) above.
(e) In the case of the candidate who plans to carry out his/her research at an institution other than the University of Kelaniya, the name of the member of the institute whose consent for supervision has been obtained together with his/her academic and research credentials. and A certificate from the Head of the institutions assuring financial support and or other necessary facilities to conduct research.
(f) Names and addresses of two referees. At least one of the referees should be a person familiar with the candidate’s academic activities, preferably from an institutions where he/she completed the undergraduate/postgraduate studies.
(g) In the case of applicants who have not graduated from the University of Kelaniya, an official transcript of undergraduate studies. (This should be sent directly to the Dean/Faculty of graduate Studies, University of Kelaniya)


3.1 A candidate who has obtained approval of the Faculty and the Senate may register for the relevant degree within a period of six months.3.2 Thereafter registration must be renewed at the end of every 12 months period.3.3 A candidate who fails to renew registration before the expiry of three months from the due date without a valid reason will be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the programme.3.4 The registration of a candidate may be cancelled on the recommendation of the Board of Study due to reasons.(a) Exceeding the maximum duration of the period of study.(b) Non-payment of registration/bench/course fee within the first three months of the year.(c) non-submission of two consecutive progress reports.(d) Violations of rules and regulations of the University(e) Unsatisfactory academic performance.
4.1 Following fees shall be paid by the candidateBiological, Medical and Physical ScienceAnnual registration fee of Rs: 1000/=Annual bench fee determined by the Department (e.g. for Industrial Management normal fee is Rs. 10,000 per year during minimum duration)Examination fee of Rs: 2000/=Library fee of Rs: 1500/=4.2 All fees mentioned above except examination fee must be paid at the time of registration.4.3 Examination fee must be paid prior to submission of the thesis.4.4 Fees are subject to change from time to time.
(a) The candidate shall submit annual progress reports to the relevant Board of study through the supervisor/s and Head of the Department. (b) The final title of the thesis shall be submitted for approval by the faculty through the relevant Board of Study three months prior to submission of the thesis.
6.1 FormatThe candidate shall embody the results of his/her study in a thesis written in a language approved by the relevant Board of Study.(a) The text of the thesis must be typescript or computer generated and must be Roman 12 on A4 size paper of good quality. Double spacing should be used for the main text. There should be a margin of 4cm on the left and of 2.5 cm on the top, bottom and right.(b) The title of the thesis should be printed on the first appropriate page inside, together with the name of the candidate and his/her qualifications, name of the degree for which the thesis is submitted and the month and year of submission. Name of the University should also be given in this page.(c) The page following the title page shall carry a declaration by the student certified by the supervisor that the work embodied in the thesis is his/her own, and has not been submitted for any degree in this University or any other institution(d) The thesis shall contain an abstract of not more than 500 words.(e) The numbering of figures, tables etc. used and the manner of presentation of the bibliography shall conform to the guidelines issued by the relevant Board of Study.6.2 Submission(a) The candidate must notify the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies of his/her intention to submit the thesis on a specific date at least three months prior to the date of submission. If for some reason the candidate is unable to submit his thesis on the notified date, he/she must apply to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies for an extension.(b) In the first instance a candidate is required to submit 03 copies of the thesis in an unbound form in consultation with the supervisor through Head of the Department and Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to the examinations Branch. All three final copies must be sewn and hard bound in black with gold lettering on the spine showing the name of the candidate, the degree for which the thesis is submitted and the year of submission.(c) On submission, the thesis shall be sent to the examiners within a period of two weeks. NOTE; Some Department require four (04) copies.
7.1 On submission of the thesis and the receipt of examiners report/s, the candidate will be summoned for an oral and/or written examination. After the oral and /or written examination, examiners may recommend.Acceptance of the thesis as submittedORAcceptance of the thesis subject to revisions deemed necessaryORRejection of the thesisORIn the case of Ph.D. candidature, revision of the Ph.D. thesis and its resubmission as an M.Phil. thesis. In the case of M.Phil. candidates of the Faculty of Humanities, after receiving examiners reports, a candidate is required to sit for a written examination comprising two papers, one based on the thesis and other based on the related subject area. These papers will be set by an internal examiner and will be moderated by an external examiner.In the case of M.Phil. candidates of the Faculty of Social Sciences, candidates are required to submit a seminar paper based on their research findings at the end of each academic year.7.2 Once the thesis is accepted, three hard bound copies of the thesis should be submitted to the Registrar of Examinations through the supervisor. One copy will be deposited in the University Library and will thereafter be subject to its rules and regulations. The second copy will be deposited in the relevant Department while the third will be returned to the candidate.7.3 A candidate whose thesis has been accepted subject to the revision shall submit the revised thesis through the supervisor/s within three months from his/her oral and or written examinations.