Management and Information Technology


IMIT 21024

Data Communication and Computer Networks

Status : Elective Pre-requisite :IMIT 11013 Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Define different network types and network protocols.
  • Analyze computer network requirements of an organization and design a computer network.
  • Actively participate in computer network implementation and maintenance activities in an organization.

Network topologies: LAN, MAN, WAN. Communication media. Communication services and devices. Codes. Analogue and digital signals. Modulation and demodulation. Modems. Transmission modes. Interface standards. Multiplexing. Contention protocols. Data compression. Parity checking. CRC. Hamming codes. Encryption and decryption. Public key encryption. OSI model. TCP/IP protocol suit. IP addresses. Routing. Sub-netting. Super-netting. ARP protocol. RAPR protocol. ICMP protocol. Applications such as email, Internet, FTP, and Telnet.
Lectures, case discussions, tutorials and group work.
End-of- semester examination, in-class assessments, and continuous assessment.

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