Management and Information Technology


MGTE 41142

Supply Chain Financing

Status : Elective
Pre-requisite : None Co-requisite : None

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of effective working capital management and its role in meeting the firm's strategic objectives.
  • Explain and compare different ways of financing working capital.
  • Evaluate comparative working capital management policies and their impact on the firm.
  • Apply corporate cash management, accounts receivable management, bank relations, and inventory management techniques to maximize the share holders' value.
  • Prepare a short term financial plan to evaluate short term financing needs.
  • Apply assessment tools to evaluate credit risk.
  • Evaluate different methods of accelerating cash collections and managing disbursements.

Role of working capital, Operating cycle and Cash cycle, Short term financing policy, Types and characteristics of short term securities, Cash budgeting, Float management, Credit assessment and credit policy, Inventory Management.

Class room lectures, guest lectures, interactive group discussions and presentations.
Contribution to class learning, assignments, group assignments and presentations, end of semester examination.

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