Management and Information Technology


MGTE 42152

Warehouse and Distribution Management

Status : Core Pre-requisite : MGTE 31052 Co-requisite : None

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the functions of stores management.
  • Describe the constituent activities of warehouse processes and demonstrate ability to analyse and improve their performance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the activities and techniques for managing physical distribution.
  • The development and application of computer based techniques of distribution planning and control.

Store Functions and Responsibilities, Organisation, Store Procedures and Planning, Store System costs and rates Materials - Handling considerations and systems.
Warehouse Process Management: Receiving, Putaway, Storage, Order picking, Shipping, Distribution Management, Network Design.
Introduction to Physical Distribution: Interfaces & environment; functional areas; systems design & measurement; decision making; organization and administrative costing; components of physical distribution systems; effect on marketing, Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)systems, analysis and benefits of DRP.
Lectures, interactive classroom sessions and case analysis.
End-of- Semester examination and case study presentations.

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