Management and Information Technology


MGTE 41202

Business Process Engineering

Status : Core Pre-requisite : MGTE 31052 Co-requisite : None

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the link between business strategy and the business process.
  • Identify the need for creating business processes using industry best practices for sustaining competitive advantage.
  • Model and analyse business processes using formal modelling languages.
  • Identify improvement needs and conduct BPR exercise.
  • Apply methods of benchmarking.
  • Apply models for performance measurement.

Business strategy, Visionary leadership in business, Organisation for full potential, , facing competition, world-class organisations and practices, best-practice reference models, business strategy and competitiveness, Need for business re-engineering (BPR), BPR roadmap.
Business modelling methods, Tools for business process analysis and improvement.
Types of Benchmarking, Selection of partners, Performance Measurement Models, Balanced Score Card (BSC), Business Analysis Tools (Business Platform, So Is My Boss).

Lectures, interactive classroom sessions and case analysis.
End-of- Semester examination and case study presentations.

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