Management and Information Technology


MGTE 31103

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Status : Core Pre-requisite : MGTE 21043 Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the scope for computer integration in the design and operation of manufacturing systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of computer-based systems for product design and process planning in manufacturing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of computer-based systems employed in manufacturing.
  • Develop and apply computer-aided techniques for manufacturing planning and control.
  • Identify and manage the impact of automation  in manufacturing systems.

Scope for Computer Integration in manufacturing (CIM), elements of CIM systems.
Computer based product and process planning concepts, Computer Aided Draughting and Design (CAD) software.
Production Flow Analysis algorithms, Group Technology, Computer aided layout planning techniques and software.
Programmable machinery, Principles of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines and programming, Elements of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) systems.
Automatic control systems and instrumentation, Automated measurement and inspection.
Algorithms for computer aided production planning and control.
Issues of managing advanced manufacturing technologies.

Lectures, interactive classroom sessions and case analysis.
End-of- Semester examination and case study presentations.

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