Management and Information Technology


CMPT 42132

Information Technology Resource Management

Status : Elective Pre-requisite : None Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand the various functions and activities within the information systems area.
  • Understand the concepts of information economics at the enterprise level.
  • Appreciate how IS represents a key source of competitive advantage for firms.
  • Understand how businesses are using information systems for competitive advantage vs., competitive necessity.
  • Structure IS-related activities to maximize the business value of IS within and outside the company.
  • Understand existing and emerging information technologies, the functions of IS and its impact on the organizational operations.
  • Evaluate the issues and challenges associated in incorporating ARE into a firm.
  • Understand how strategic decisions are made concerning acquiring IS resources and capabilities.
  • Understand the role of IT control and service management frameworks from the perspective of managing the IS function in an organization.

The IS function, IS strategic alignment, Strategic use of information, Impact of IS on organizational structure and processes, IS economics, IS planning, Role of IS in defining and shaping competition, Managing the information systems function, Financing and evaluating the performance of information technology investments and operations, Acquiring information technology resources and capabilities, Using IS/IT governance frameworks, IS risk management, Managing business continuity, Managing security and privacy.

Lectures, in-class discussion of cases, self-study.

End-of-course exam, in-class assignments, mini-project, Quizzes.

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  3. Additional reading material available in Virtual Learning Environment.