Management and Information Technology


CMPT 41223

Enterprise Architecture

Status : Core Pre-requisite : None Co-requisite : None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Understand how IT infrastructure of an enterprise is determined.
  • Understand a variety of frameworks for enterprise architecture analysis and decision making.
  • Evaluate the total cost of ownership and return on investment.
  • Utilize techniques for assessing and managing risk across the portfolio of the enterprise.
  • Evaluate and plan for the integration of emerging technologies.
  • Analyse and understand the security and business continuity.
  • Understand the role of IT control and service management frameworks.
  • Minimize the environmental and resource consumption impacts of IT infrastructure decisions.

Role of IT architecture/infrastructure in a modern organization, Enterprise architecture frameworks, Monitoring and metrics for infrastructure and business processes, Risk management, Business continuity, Total cost of ownership and return on investment, IT control and management frameworks, Emerging technologies, Green computing.

Lectures, in-class discussion of cases, self-study.

End-of-course exam, in-class assignments, mini-project, Quizzes.

  1. Scott, B (2005), An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture, 2nd Edition, Author House.
  2. Jeanne, W R, Peter, W and David, R (2006),Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution, Harvard Business Press.
  3. Additional reading material available in Virtual Learning Environment.