Management and Information Technology


CMPT 41052

Advanced Networking

Status : Elective Pre-requisite : CMPT 31162 Co-requisite : None

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Design network infrastructure.
  • Configure and manage network infrastructure.
  • Configure routers.
  • Protect a network from possible attacks.
  • Analyse network data traffic.

Network infrastructure design: physical network design, IP subnet design, VLAN networks, routed networks.

Advanced router configuration: configuring static routing, dynamic routing protocols, router configuration modes.

Configuring and managing the network infrastructure: domain name and IP assignment, IP management with DHCP, DNS.

Analysing network data traffic: protocol analysis/forensic, wireshark protocol analyser, filtering.

Network security: denial of service, firewalls and access lists, router security, switch security, wireless security, VPN security, IPv6, Internet routing, Voice over IP.

Lectures, practical sessions and case discussions.
End of course unit examination, practical tests and group assignments.

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