Management and Information Technology


IMMG 44044

Management of Technology for Competitiveness

Status :  Core Pre-requisite :IMMG 12072 Co-requisite :None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Examine how technology is embodied in a firm and the capabilities required to exploit it for achieving competitive advantage at the firm level,
  • Apply relevant techniques to understand and forecast the process of technological change,
  • Examine the issues involved in the process of technology acquisition and the interrelationships between technology transfer and research and development management,
  • Identify link between national policies and the technological behaviour of the firm.

Introduction to technology. Technology imperative. Technology and competitiveness. Components of technology. Technological capabilities. Technology assessment and related concepts. Technology and environment. Technological forecasting. Developing corporate technology roadmap. International technology transfer. Corporate research and development. National technology infrastructure and climate. Formulating corporate technology strategy. Trends in the management of high-technology industries.
Lectures and case discussions.
End-of- Semester examination, case study presentations and group assignments.

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