Management and Information Technology


IMMG 44034

Research Methodology

Status :  Core Pre-requisite :IMMG 11033 Co-requisite :None


On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Transform an issue into a research project, conduct a comprehensive research,
  • Perform a literature search and do a literature review; develop a research proposal,
  • Design survey questionnaires; collect and analyze data to develop Analytical skills,
  • Work independently on a particular research project, make verbal presentations and present written work (a dissertation) with useful conclusions and recommendations.

Some reflections on the theory of evolution of knowledge. Inductive and deductive methods in research. Research design: identifying issues and problems, defining research problem(s) and objectives. Identifying data requirements, sources, and instruments of data gathering, Sampling theory and estimation, Time series analysis, index, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and co-variance, non-parametric methods, hypothesis testing, General Statistical Hypothesis testing and General Statistical Estimation for population parameters. Testing of Lack of Fit, Residual Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression Models, Estimation of Model Parameters, use of statistical packages.
Lectures, interactive classroom sessions, and case discussions.
End-of-semester examination, group assignments, and in-class individual assessments.

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